a family garden
Period| 2019.04.26 - 2019.06.02
Operating hours| 10:00am - 06:00pm
Space| Yangpyeong Art Museum
Address| 2, Munhwabokji-gil, Yangpyeong-eup, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Closed| Mon.
Price| Free
Phone| 031-775-8515
Web site| http://www.ymuseum.org/
Hwang Chang bae
Lee Yeong hee
Jeong Jong kie
Shin Jae nam
Shin Moon-Young
Kim Su ja

Exhibition Information

  • Lee Young-Hee. the way to Shinuiju Oil on canvas
    181.4x106cm 2008

  • Park Hak Sung _ Art Work19 Oil on canvas
    73x53cm 2018

  • Jung Jong Ki_talk Oil on canvas
    100×300cm 2009

  • Hwang Chang Bae_saint phoenix Acrylic on korea paper
    129×259cm 1998
  • 			The Yangpyeong Gunji Museum is planning to cultivate a family garden in the museum to reflect on the meaning of the family in celebration of the 2019 Family Month. The exhibition presented the encounter with nature that exists within the pan-space, which has become a family, focusing on works that represent existential values and joys and sorrows as a human being before the family.
    The exhibition features space themes that make it easier for anyone to think about, starting with the second space on the floor. First, in memory space we met on the ground floor, we were able to think about what we saw or experienced in our childhood, or somewhere, as a space of time that reflected on what had passed. And in the slope space, which moves to the second floor, families are born in nature, live in nature, and return to nature, showing the daily lyric that existed on the journey of life as a nature. 
    The second floor of the exhibition room wanted to contain anxiety and fear. This space is an exhibition space to express intense and constant fear of a particular object or situation. Depending on what you have experienced in your life, there can be various types of fear, but first you show fear of high position, fear of heights, war, shock or accidents, horror movies, and social psychology.
    And in the third room, it's an exhibition space where the Existence self is expressed. In this space, human beings are social beings, and are in a prominent position, or position, to attract the attention of others. It is a space that suggests notoriously existence, unrivaled existence, and not to be ignored in a region. Based on this phenomenon, it is a space with a wide range of meanings to discover self-existing values and underlying realities that are the basis for change. 
    And in the second exhibition space of the third room, I want to pursue the world of life to come and show my ability to recognize the relationship between the macroscopic society and the individual's actions. The works consist of the ability to recognize the relationship between my individual characteristics and creative practice in modern society, as well as the ingenious imagination to demonstrate by mobilizing various inner relationships that dream of a future society. 
    In the last space, "Three Room 3 Exhibition Space," the exhibition hall hopes to live a happy life in Yangpyeong. There are many different things about happiness in our lives, but other than material or innate tendencies, they come from many factors, including religion, family relationships, health, work, friends and social relationships. These factors manifest themselves as happiness as they cause each other to rise and affect the life of time, and I hope life in Yangpyeong will be a happy life. 
    Therefore, the Yangpyeong County Museum of Art wanted to recognize the family culture of our time and realize new possibilities and better Yangpyeong culture as a special plan for the Family Month. In this barren soil, the Gunji Museum of Art began to sprout local culture and art with its opening (2011.12.16), and since its opening, the Kunlip Museum has taken root in Korean art culture by showing a new version of the museum through its creative operation, which is rare in Korea. As a result, it is at the center of the cultural icon of Yangpyeong-gun as a cultural icon of the period due to the strong response of the local community.
    ■ Yangpyeong County Museum of Art's Academic Arts Center			
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