Modern and Contemporary Korean Drawing
Period| 2019.04.12 - 2019.06.23
Operating hours| 10:00am - 06:00pm
Space| Soma Museum, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art
Address| 51, Wiryeseong-daero, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Closed| Mon., Jan. 1st, Korean Holiday
Price| Adults (25 - 64 years old) : 3,000 won for individuals / 1,500 won for groups Youth (13-24 years) : 2,000 won for individuals / 1,000 won for groups Children (7-12 years) : 1,000 won for individuals / 500 won for groups FREE and under 6 years old (when submitting evidence), 65 years of age or older, free of charge for national merit and the handicapped One instructor at a group of 20 or more people is free Artist pass holders will be charged a youth discount (2,000 won)
Phone| 02-425-1077
Web site| https://soma.kspo.or.kr/main
Kang Yeon gyun
Lee Bae
Ahn Ku chul
Kim Su ja
Kim Eull
Kim Ji won
Min Jeong gi
NamJune Paik
Bahc Yi-So
Lee Bul
Choi Byung so
Moon Usik
Park Deuk-Soon
LEE Ufan
Kim Hwan gi
Shu Seo-Ok
Lee Kang so
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Exhibition Information

  • Lee In Sung_Scenery watercolor on paper
    20×25.5cm 1931

  • Park Soo Geun a girl and a puppy pen on paper
    17.1×9.2cm 연도미상

  • Chun Kyung Ja self-portrait pencil on paper
    35.2×25.3cm 연도미상

  • Lee Joong Sub_fish and protons piece of paper
    10.1×12.5cm 1952
  • 			Even now, 13 years after the drawing center was launched at Soma Museum of Art, he is constantly asked what "drawing is." "Is it a pencil drawing? Is it a drawing, or is it a drawing, or a drawing that uses lines, all of the works on display at the Drawing Center?" What is space drawing...? These questions are usually focused on materials and techniques, but they are often insufficient to simply explain drawing at that level. In fact, it is difficult to define the modern drawing concept in a word. Most of all, the fact that there is no substitute for drawing in Korean, and thus that it is widely used as a foreign language. The term "somyo" is used, but this is not enough. Written in the title of the exhibition, "Sihwa" is another term for Drawing, which is presented as an alternative to such worries. Sihwa was used in Kim Dong-in's novel "Shinangno" (1930), which seemed to have been used in the same sense as the tombstone at that time. However, if it feels like "myo" remains on a technical level in a small tomb, in the case of digestion, it can capture the meaning of a more expanded drawing by expressing a higher level of creativity through the words "hwa." In the name of digestion, the exhibition was intended to express the importance of drawing as a media that reveals the writer's personality and identity to be the most authentic, independent and core value, and to include the significance of drawing as an artwork that has significant value in discovering the writer's true character, not limited to materials and techniques. 
    Drawing is an important material and work of art that shows richly the artist's world of art. Although it has been treated as the next best in terms of technical completeness compared to paintings and sculptures, the awareness of drawing has changed and its status has changed as the importance of the writer's individuality, idea and process has been highlighted. Drawing is not only an important part of the role of painting, sculpture, but also an independent genre of painting. The exhibition examines how Western drawing concepts have evolved in Korean art since the 1920s, when Western painting groups began to form in earnest in Korea, through some 300 drawings by some of the leading modern and contemporary artists. In addition to the artist's excitement, philosophy, writing, character, and personal history, drawing is a essence of the artist's artistic soul. The beauty of drawing is that it can be read more than expected from the lines that were scribbled on a few words and drawn on a memo obtained from the surrounding area. An open architecture that captures processes without filtration is also attractive. Throughout the artist's art world, drawing continues the gap between the individualities of the work trapped in completeness or shows the ultimate point of penetration through the artist's art world. Therefore, the value of drawing can be seen as the infinite possibility that can be obtained since it is incomplete, and that it focuses on the artist's world of art. ■ Soma Art Museum			
    ※ The copyright of the images and writings registered on the Artmap belongs to each writer and painter.
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