Kang Ik joong
설치미술    |    대한민국
~ 1995 프랫대학교 대학원 석사 ~ 1990 홍익대학교 서양화과 학사
개인전 2010 Baram eu ro suk ee go ddang eu ro ee eur ji go, GALLERY HYUNDAI, Seoul, Korea 2010 Wall of Hope, Special Project for Chungnam National University Hospital, Daejeon, Korea 2010 Wall of Hope, Special Project for Asan Medical enter, Seoul, Korea 2010 Things I Know, Special Project for Korean Pavillion in Shanghai Expo, Shanghai, China 2010 25 Wishes, Special Project for Korean Gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY 2009 Moon Jars, Neuffer am Park Kunsthalle, Pirmasens, Germany 2009 Multiple / Dialogue ∞, Nam June Paik and Ik-Joong Kang, National Museum of Contemporary Arts, Gwacheon, Korea 2008 Ik-Joong Kang: Mountain and Wind, Alexander Ochs gallery, Berlin, Germany 2008 Ik-Joong Kang / Inexorable Dream; The Korean Affair, Andrew Bae Gallery, Chicago, IL 2008 Wall of Hope, Special Project for Kyungkido Museum of Art, Ansan, Korea 2008 Recent Works, Kang Collection, New York, NY 2008 Recent Works, Alexander Ochs Gallery, Berlin, Germany 2007 Ik-Joong Kang / Everything He has, Carl Solway Gallery, Cincinnati, OH 2007 Mountain and Wind, Special Project for Kwang Hwa Gate, Commissioned by Korean Government, Seoul, Korea 2007 Small Pieces for Peace, Special Project for G8 Summit, Organized by Eurasian Foundation, UNICEF Germany, Heiligendamm / Munster Bad Doberan, Germany 2007 Moon of Dream, Special Project for Tae Hwa River, Ulsan, Korea 2006 Amazed Children, Special Project for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati, OH 2006 Chance of Space, Princeton Cultural Council, Princeton, NJ 2005 Amazed World 2005, Special Project for Muhammad Ali Center, Louisvillle, KY 2004 Happy World, Public Project with Princeton Community, Princeton Public Library, NJ 2004 Moon of Dream, Special Project with WCO, Ho Su Lake, Il San, Korea 2004 Buddha with Lucky Objects 2004, Speed Museum, Louisville, KY 2003 Buddha with Lucky Objects and Other Works, Sabina Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 2003 Amazed World and Other Works, Goethe Institute, Berlin, Germany 2003 Kang & Zhang, Shanghai Contemporary, Albrecht, Pruess & Ochs, Shanghai, China 2003 Happy Relief and Other Works, Hutchins Gallery, Long Island University, Long Island, NY 2002 Buddha Eating Rice, Shanghai Contemporary at Bund Center, Shanghai, China 2002 Bridges-Interspace-Sky (in Part of Space, Time and Architecture, Organized by National Gallery and Deutscher) 2002 Collaboration with Zeiger and Schell Architecture Firm, Pruess and Ochs Gallery, Berlin, Germany 2002 Cologne Pagoda and Other Works, National Museum of East Asian Art, Berlin, Germany 2001 Cologne Sculpture, Cologne Messe, Cologne, Germany 2001 Amazed World, Special Project for United Nations, New York, NY 2001 Enter the Heaven, Cultural Center at Geistag, Munchen, Germany 2001 Enter the Heaven, Asian Fine Arts Berlin, Berlin, Germany 1999 100,000 Dream, Special Project for the Korean Unification, Pa Ju Unification Park, Korea 1998 Nam June Paik / Ik-Joong Kang, Asian Fine Arts Factory, Berlin, Germany 1997 Throw Everything Together and Add, Venice Biennale, Korean Pavillion, Venice, Italy 1996 8,490 Days of Memory, Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris, New York, NY 1996 365 Days of English, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA 1996 Throw Everything Together and Add, Art Space Seoul, Cho Sun Il Bo Museum, Hak Go Jae Gallery, Seoul, Korea 1996 Buddha Eating Chocolate, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, England 1994 Multiple / Dialogue, Nam June Paik / Ik-Joong Kang, Whitney Museum of American Art at Champion, CT 1994 Throw Everything Together & Add, CAPP ST. Project, San Francisco, CA 1992 Ik-Joong Kang, 3 x 3, Queens Museum of Art, Queens, NY 1992 Buddha Learning English, Asian American Art Center, New York, NY 1991 More is More, Collaboration with Bing Lee, Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, SUNY at Old Westbury, NY 1990 Ssound Paintingss, Main Gallery, Montclair State College, Montclair, NJ 1990 Public Performance: Untitled, Collaboration with Sang-Won Park, Main Gallery, Montclair State College, Montclair, NJ 1990 Public Performance: Untitled, Collaboration with Sang-Won Park, Epoche Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 1988 6,000 Works, Broadway Windows Gallery, New York, NY 1987 3,000 Works, Thesis Show, Pratt Art Institute, New York, NY 1987 Public Performance: Everybody Thinks Oral Sex, Bronx River Gallery, Bronx, NY 1986 One Month Living Performance, Two Two Raw Gallery, New York, NY 1986 Public Performance: For the Cold Wall Collaboration with Antonin Mares, Legien / Leuschordamm, Berlin, Germany 1986 Public Performance: Flying Paintings, Openplatz, Kassel, Germany 1985 1,000 Works, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, Brooklyn, NY 단체전 2017 삼라만상 : 김환기에서 양푸둥까지, 국립현대미술관 서울관, 서울 2010 Moon is the Oldest Clock, National Museum of Contemporary Arts, Gwacheon, Korea 2009 Art Summer 2009, European Center for the Arts, Dresen, Germany 2009 Floor, Ceiling and Wall, Carl Solway Gallery, Cincinnati, OH 2009 Artist and Moon Jar, GALLERY HYUNDAI, Seoul, Korea 2009 New Chunjaeyeon, Yeomiji Botanical Garden, Jeju-Do, Korea 2008 Transcendence: Modernity and Beyond in Korean Art, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore 2008 Salunallets, St. Matthaus-Kirche, Berlin, Germany 2008 Moving Towards a Balanced Earth, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington, New Zealand 2007 Kunstfest Weimar, ACC Gallery, Weimar, Germany 2007 Contemporary Korean Artists in New York, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea 2006 13 Artists in New York, Korean Mission to the United Nations, New York, NY 2005 Thirty Ways of Making Painting, Carl Solway Gallery, Cincinnati, OH 2005 Renewed Expressions, Howard County Center for Arts, Ellicott City, MD 2004 Declaration (100 Artists for Peace), National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwa Cheon, Korea 2004 Kwang Ju Biennale, Citiy Museum, Kwang Ju, Korea 2004 Pedestrian, Bronx River Art Center, Bronx, NY 2003 100 years, 100 dreams, Space World Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2003 At the Crossroad, Korean Cultural Council, New York, NY 2003 Dream and Reality, Smithsonian Museum International Gallery, Washington D.C. 2003 Explaining Magic, Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2003 Der Rest der Welt, Neuffer im Park, Pirmasens, Germany 2002 Buenos Aires International Biennale, National Museum of Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2002 70 Artists Around World Cup, GALLERY HYUNDAI, Seoul, Korea 2000 Neuerwerbungen aus der sammlung Ludwig, Museum Ludwig Cologne, Cologne, Germany 2000 Koreamerica Korea, Art Sonje Center, Seoul, Korea 2000 Continental Shift, Museum Ludwig Aachen, Aachen 2000 Six Degrees of Inspiration, Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, Virginia Beach, VA 1999 Kunst-Welton in Dialog, Museum Ludwig Cologne, Cologne, Germany 1999 Crossing Zones, Depaul University Art Gallery, Chicago, IL 1999 Words, Texts, and Meaning in the Permanent Collection, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY 1999 Year of the Tiger, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea 1998 Notes Across Asia, Konzerthaus Berlin, Germany 1998 Year of the Tiger, Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin, Museum Lugwig, Aachen, Germany 1998 Where I am (Expo 98), Galeria Municipal Da Mitra, Lisbon, Portugal 1997 American Stories, Setagaya Museum, Tokyo, Japan 1997 Kwang Ju Biennale, Citiy Museum, Kwang Ju, Korea 1997 Objectivity, Contemporary Art Center, Virginia Beach, VA 1996 Just Past/Permanent Collection, 1975-96, The Museum of Contemporary 1996 Sites of Chinatown, Museum of Chinese in the America, New York, NY 1994 Old Glory, New Story, Capp Street Project, San Francisco, CA 1994 Santa Monica Museum, Santa Monica, CA 1994 Habana International Biennial, Centro Wifredo Lam, Habana, Cuba 1993 New Expressions in Asian American Art, CUNY Graduate Center, New York, NY 1993 Slow Art, P.S.1 Museum, Long Island City, NY 1993 Dismantling Invisibility, A Space Gallery, Toronto, Canada, Art in General, New York, NY 1991 Louder, University of Illinois, Gallery 400, Chicago, IL 1990 International Art Show, Iida Museum, Japan 1990 Food, Hunterdon Art Center, Hunterdon, NY 1990 China, HongKong Art Center, Hong Kong 1990 P.S. 1 Museum, Long Island City, NY 1990 Artist Against Racism, Bedford Styvesant, Cultural Center, Brooklyn, NY 1990 The Clocktower, New York, NY 1989 Uptown Downtown, Asian American Art Center/ City Gallery, New York, NY 1987 Togetherness Always, Bronx River Gallery, Bronx, NY 1987 Personal History, Minor Injury, New York, NY 1986 Micro Max, Now Gallery, New York, NY 1985 Summer Group Show, Lasser Gallery, New York, NY 1982 Fu Exhibition, Total Gallery, Seoul, Korea 1981 Independent, National Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
2009년 이탈리아 라니에리(Ranieri)시 재단기금 수상 2008년 뉴욕시의회 표창 2007년 엘리스 아일랜드(Ellis Island)상 수상 1999년 독일 루드비히미술관 선정 ‘20세기를 대표하는 예술가 120명’ 1998년 미국 WNBC 방송 선정 ‘자랑스런 아시아인’ 1997년 제 47회 베니스 비엔날레 특별상, 미국 티파니(Tiffany)재단 기금, 대한민국 문화체육부 오늘의 젊은 예술가상 수상 1996년 존 미첼(Joan Mitchell) 기금 수상 1994년 뉴욕 주 예술재단기금(NYFA) 수상 1990년 뉴욕 주 예술재단기금(NYFA) 수상
1960년 충청북도 청주 출생 뉴욕에서 활동
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한글. 산

500 x 500 cm , 2011

Moon Jar

나무판넬에 아크릴, 우레탄

119.5 x 119.5 cmcm , 2015

Things I Know

40,000 Aluminum Panels

각 45 x 45cm , 2010


패널에 혼합재료, 동에 크롬도금


달항아리, 빨강과 파랑

나무 위에 혼합재료

244x244x10cm , 2018